Borealis Cattery
Retired Stud

Gold Champion (Hons)
Borealis Asgard


  Abbatini av Operahuset


  Miwahni Miranda




  Black Classic Tabby with White
  (NFO n 09 21)


  Borealis NFC: Loraine Smith


Gold Champion Borealis Asgard (Hons) is without doubt one of the most stunning NFCs in Victoria. A large boy, with a dense, long coat, he appeared at almost every GCCFV, CAV and FCC Open Show for two years without complaint and almost always placed in the Top Group 1 Adults.

Asgard is living proof that large kittens can sometimes come from small mothers, as his dam, Miwahni Miranda, is one of my smallest queens, but always an excellent mother to her many kittens. Like his mother, Asgard has a beautifully friendly and laidback nature, which usually passes on to his kittens.

Don't tell the others, but Asgard is my "favourite cat" of all time and has a very special place in my heart as well as my breeding program. He is here to stay for life!

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