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Retired Stud

Silver Champion
Borealis Bjornolf


  Catwo Sunseeker


  Firecrystal Hermione




  Black Tabby and White
  (NFO n 09 21)


  Borealis NFC: Loraine Smith


RFID: 956 000 005 124 866

   Firecrystal lines always captured that wonderful 'wild' look, typical of NFCs in Scandinavia.  Firecrystal Hermione, however, although one of my favourite females, is not overly 'typey', but in the mixture between her inherited genes and SunSeeker's, there came a very special kitten who stood out from the start.   I named him Bjornolf, which means "Bear-Wolf".   He has the lovely white face of an Arctic wolf, and there was no way I wanted to part with this boy.   Wolfie is proudly added to my stud collection, hopefully to create equally beautiful kittens.    And he has started well, with Litter N...

   Even at the commencement of his show career, he has beaten his sire for Best of Breed and placement in Top Ten Best Adults on several occasions.   With his nature as lovable as Sunny's, and as gentle as Hermione's, we look forward to show successes in the year ahead, and to many well-typed kittens.

Darling Bjornolf died on Friday, 29/07/2022.

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