Borealis Cattery
Retired Queen

Borealis Calista Miranda


  Catwo Sunseeker


  Miwahni Miranda




  Black Tortie Tabby with White
  (NFO f 09 21)


  Borealis NFC: Loraine Smith


Calista was the name of my most beautiful Birman queen, and the first I ever bred.   She graced the show bench for two years and became a Gold Champion of Champions.   Having retired from showing and breeding, she is now a much-loved pet with a couple in Doncaster, and I have often missed her.   So when I had a special kitten from my favourite NFC queen, Miranda, and the lovely Sunseeker, I decided to call her Calista Miranda.  

Full of confidence, sassy Calista has had her first litter of beautiful kittens, the M litter. I will be keeping her daughter, Mariposa, who is like a blue and cream version of her mother and with the same personality.

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