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  Red Mackerel Tabby and White
  (NFO d 09 23)


  Borealis NFC: Loraine Smith


On the very sudden and unexpected passing of SunSeeker, regarded as having 'revolutionised' my breeding program with his size and superb temperament, I decided to pick the best red tabby and white male I had bred that season. Thanks to the kind buyer who allowed me to keep my favourite male kitten in exchange for her having another red tabby and white kitten, I added SunDance to my breeding program.

Showing excellent promise, we are hoping he will follow his grandsire's pawprints!

Despite his early promise and stunning good looks, Sundance is growing up to be a lightly boned cat with a far-too-fine a coat to be a good stud. The early promise of good type has sadly not been fulfilled (as often happens), and so we have retired him before he has had a chance to sire any litters. He has gone to a cat-loving home here in Victoria.

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