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Double Grand Champion
Borealis Tribble


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  Blue Silver Tabby with White
  (NFO as 09 21)


  Borealis NFC: Loraine Smith


  Tribble is a very affectionate cat, and at a time when my silver line in particular sometimes produced timidity, she was an assurance that I could produce friendly, happy, well-balanced kittens!   I kept her to continue my silvers, although so far it is taking a long time for her to become pregnant and have kittens.   Regardless, she remains a special favourite with her swishy curly tail, and her smoochy expression with the lopsided blaze on her nose.

May 2008:    Tribble has retired....

Tribble has retired, and joined the webmaster's pride to live a life of carefree luxury.   She is a much loved addition, and thoroughly enjoys spicing up the lives of the other cats (and the webmaster's, too).

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