Borealis Cattery
Retired Queen

Clareen Candice


  Fine Memory's Tap In


  Amandla Jenna




  Blue and White
  (NFO a 09)


  Clareen NFC: Rose Tierney


Clareen Candice was given to me in exchange for a stud service, and hails from Swedish stud, S*Fine Memory’s Tap In, a lovely boy imported by my good friend Rose Tierney.   Her grand-dam is Ch Amandla Tatiana, whom I once owned.   On an Antarctic theme again (!), I thought her coat pattern reminded me of sea and ice, so it became C-and-ice.   I was amazed later when Rose informed me that her daughter’s name is Candice!

My thanks to Rose for giving me this nicely typed girl from her newly imported stud, so that I could increase the genetic pool in my cattery.

July 2007

Candice has retired.   Her new owner has sent us some lovely photos of her, enjoying her retirement!

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