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Dansbjerg's Felisia


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  Black Tortie Blotched Tabby with White
  (NFO f 09 22)


  Dansbergs NFC (Denmark):


Imported from a lovely lady in Denmark, Felisia was purchased to improve the ear size and head-type in my NFCs.   Her large expressive eyes make you forgive anything this ‘nortie Tortie’ does in her attention-seeking way.   This young lady never read the part about Norwegians being soft-spoken!   A little fine-boned for my liking, I am breeding her to my larger studs to improve size in her kittens.

Felisia has retired . . .

Felisia is a wonderful cat and a prized import.   She has had some lovely kittens, but now it's time she enjoyed life as a retired pet.   With lots of attitude, confidence, pure cheek and plenty of conversation, she'd make an adorable friend for someone who wants constant interaction with their cat.   Her antics never cease to amuse everyone and she'll make you laugh every day.   Confident, outgoing, affectionate, opinionated, and with a loud purr, she will make an ideal addition to any family who loves cats with plenty of personality.   Felisia is not for those who want a 'couch potato', but she'll keep you amused and love you to bits.

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