Borealis Cattery
Retired Queen

Firecrystal Enya


  Sweoz Oscar


  Esmeralda av Flatmark




  Brown Tabby with White
  (NFO n 09 21)


  Firecrystal NFC: Kerry Evans


One of the first queens to join Borealis cattery, Firecrystal Enya was chosen for her lovely type and excellent pedigree, plus the fact that tortoiseshell tabbies can have a wonderful variety of colours in their kittens.

Always of a very amiable nature, Enya has produced some very friendly kittens who are much loved by their owners. From her most recent litter to my white stud from Norway, Abbatini, I kept Borealis Sally Anne, who has Enya's good type, coat and nature, but is pure white with blue eyes, similar to her sire.

Enya was shown to Double Grand Champion and retired from the show bench to have kittens.

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