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 Mirk av Calif
 NFO ns 23
 Black Silver Mackerel Tabby

 Pett av Sakko
 NFO ns 09
 Black Silver with White

 Grøtet's Zita
 NFO n 09 22
 Black Classic Tabby with White

 Jaktvika's De Lillo
 NFO ns 09
 Black Silver with White

 Morky's Sir John
 NFO ns 09
 Black Silver and White

 Jaktvika's Mirabella
 NFO n 09
 Black and White

 Jaktvika's Medea
 NFO n

Falk av Borgund
  born: November,13/11/1998 

 Ulvåsens Ferdinand
 NFO n 22
 Black Classic Tabby

 Ollendorff's Einstein
 NFO d 09 23
 Red Mackerel Tabby with White

 Wicky av Myre
 NFO f 09
 Tortie ans White

 Kati's Ærbare Creme Chantelle
 NFO e 23
 Cream Mackerel Tabby

 Norden's Frode
 NFO d 22
 Red Classic Tabby

 Kati's Utrolige Molly
 NFO d 09 23
 Red Mackerel Tabby with White

 Kati's Ina-Maja
 NFO f 09 23
 Blue Tortie Mackerel Tabby with White