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Here, you can explore the pedigrees of all our cats.   Note: click on the outlined photo icons to see larger pictures.
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ShaggyTails Norske Skovkatte, which has a huge database of Norwegian forest cat pedigrees online...

 Skogens Gudrun Blasolv
 NFO as 24
 Blue Silver Spotted Tabby

 Maelstrom Jarl Olaf
 NFO es 09 21
 Cream Silver Tabby with White

 Fjällkatten Ratatosk
 NFO g 09 21
 Blue Tortie Tabby with White

 Lindbrekkas Simba
 NFO n 22
 Brown Classic Tabby

 Esmeralda av Flatmark
 NFO n 09 23
 Brown Mackerel Tabby with White

 Jaktvika's Embla
 NFO n 09 22
 Brown Classic Tabby with White

Firecrystal Forest King  

 Gin Gin Felis Audax
 NFO a 23
 Brown Mackerel Tabby

 Noah Felis Audax
 NFO n

 Fagerskogens Geisha
 NFO ns 09 23
 Brown Silver Mackerel Tabby with White

 Skogstassens Auirr
 NFO n 23
 Brown Mackerel Tabby

 Fagerskogens Geisha
 NFO ns 09 23
 Brown Silver Mackerel Tabby with White

 Fagerskogens Simsala Bim
 NFO ns 09 22
 Brown Silver Classic Tabby with White