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Here, you can explore the pedigrees of all our cats.   Note: click on the outlined photo icons to see larger pictures.
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 Egon av Huldrepus
 NFO n 09
 Black and White

 Lothloriens E.T. Esgaroth
 NFO ds 09
 Red Silver with White

 Trippeline av Fristad
 NFO gs 09
 BLue Silver Tortie and White

 Amazonas Maestro
 NFO n 09 23
 Black Mackerel Tabby with White

 NFO n 23
 Black Mackerel Tabby

 Wildwood's Aquariuz
 NFO n 23
 Black Mackerel Tabby

 Dea-Dia av Æsene
 NFO n

Frostnattens Tortie Josephine
  born: July,27/07/1992 

 Frigg av Baune
 NFO d 09 23
 Red Mackerel Tabby with White

 Torvmyra's Wergeland
 NFO ns 09 22
 Black Silver Mackerel Tabby and White

 Torvmyra's Gentiana
 NFO ns 09
 Black Silver Mackerel Tabby

 Frostnattens Tortie Freezia
 NFO fs 09 23
 Silver Tortie Mackerel Tabby with White

 Freddy av Myre
 NFO d 09 23
 Red Mackerel Tabby and White

 Fåfängans Julietta
 NFO ds 23
 Red Silver Mackerel Tabby

 Christiania's Gabriella
 NFO fs 09 23
 Blue Silver Tortie Mac Tabby and White