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 Freddy av Myre
 NFO d 09 23
 Red Mackerel Tabby and White

 Tauron's Fylke
 NFO d 09 23
 Red Mackerel Tabby with White

 Pocahonta's Bashina
 NFO n 09 23
 Black Mackerel Tabby with White

 Mhorrses Kronos
 NFO n 09 21
 Black Tabby with White

 Ulvåsens Ferdinand
 NFO n 22
 Black Classic Tabby

 Mhorrses Pusilla
 NFO n 23
 Black Mackerel Tabby

 Tauron's Ellena
 NFO a

Nordlys Snefrid
  born: April,03/04/2001 

Tuyet Ivar,   

 Tage av Ledsaak
 NFO n 09
 Black and White

 Svarte Petters Ludde
 NFO n

 Svarte Petters Miranda
 NFO ns 21
 Black Silver Tabby

 NFO ns 22
 Black Silver Classic Tabby

 Wildwoods Ori Olsson
 NFO as 23
 Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby

 Wildwood's Humla
 NFO a 24
 Blue Spotted Tabby