Cat Shows

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Birman Society Cat Show, 22-May-2005

Cat shows are great fun, and the ideal places for you to see many different breeds of cat, from the humblest domestic moggy to the most exotic and rare of breeds.  Listen to the judges as they describe the qualities of each breed they judge, find out from proud owners the joys of a particular breed, and just plain enjoy the great range of beautiful cats on display.

On this page you will find a list of upcoming Victorian cat shows, mostly held in and around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia..   We'll update these dates yearly.   Cat shows you can go to are run by the FCCV, GCCFV and CatsVic, and all run cat shows open to the public...

Please visit our MAPS page, for great maps (by Google) showing just where those cat shows are.    You can see satellite views as well....

Below are direct links to various cat show schedules for Victoria, Australia...

GCCFV Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (Vic.) HERE
ACF Australian Cat Federation (Inc.) HERE
CAV Cat Authority of Victoria
FCC Feline Control Council HERE


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