About Forest Cats

Basic Forest Cat Characteristics

   Norwegian Forest Cats, or Wegies ['Weejees') are highly intelligent cats who will remind you of dogs in the  way they welcome you at the front door, follow you around the house, fetch and retrieve small toys thrown for them, and when out of breath after an energetic play session they loll their tongues out and pant!   They have very 'smoochy' eyes and purr louder than most cats whilst only having a soft, high-pitched chirrup when they miaow.

  They love to be cuddled and given plenty of attention, and are usually confident with other cats, dogs and children.   However, they are not a laid-back cat, content to snooze on a window sill and ignore all that is going on around them.   They like instead to be involved in everything you do.   In general, however, they are good at keeping themselves amused and do not become destructive when bored.

   Large cats, they can grow to 9 kg or more (males) and 6 kg (females), and are known for their enormously fluffy tails which their ancestors used to wrap around themselves for warmth when sleeping in the snow.  Their double coat, a soft undercoat to keep them warm, and an outer, oily and coarse coat with guard hairs, render the cat virtually waterproof in extreme weather conditions.    NFCs are very robust and healthy, and not normally prone to feline diseases or genetically inherited problems.


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