Desexing your

Desexing your cat.

If your kitten does not come to you already desexed, it is important that you take him/her to a trusted vet before the kitten is 6 months old. Vets will charge less for a young kitten (as a rough guide, approximately  $60, as opposed to $120 upwards), so do not leave it until the cat is almost grown.

Benefits of having your female kitten desexed

In just 7 years, one female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats!

There is no benefit to your cat to allow her to have a litter. It does not make her more placid or a happier cat. Breeding only adds to the unwanted cat population. If you want your children to "experience birth", buy them a couple of fish or mice, or better still hire a video/DVD from the library!

The spay operation involves removing the entire uterus and both ovaries via a tiny abdominal incision. The kitten will often be up and playing the same evening and sometimes, if sutures are placed to stitch the opening, there is no need for the cat to be returned to the vet to have these removed - check with your vet whether he needs you to return the cat to him.

Advantages of spaying your female kitten

No unwanted kittens to find homes for, involving cost of advertising, friends/relatives sometimes changing their minds and wanting to return the cat when older, and even having to keep the kitten yourself or having it put to sleep or surrendered to a shelter.

  • No disturbing behaviour associated with heat. This includes howling, trying to escape and restlessness.

  • No smelly, noisy, aggressive tomcats hanging round to pounce on your 'little girl'.

  • Avoids diseases and disorders of her reproductive tract and mammary glands.

  • Avoids possibility of expensive caesarean sections in the middle of the night if your cat has problems in giving birth. A c-section can cost upwards of $600 and your cat may even die or lose all her kittens anyway.

  • Entire female cats are more aggressive, restless and are more likely to fight. Fighting spreads Feline Aids and Feline Leukaemia, which can kill your cat and her kittens.

Advantages of having your male kitten desexed

  • Male cats can be neutered (castrated) and involves removing the testicles from the cat. This very simple operation can be done from twelve weeks of age and your kitten will often be running around and playing the same evening.

  • Castration will not ruin your cat's personality. Desexed males are actually far more friendly and less likely to roam or fight other cats.

  • Desexed males are far less likely to spray and the smell of the urine is greatly decreased.

  • Desexed males don't go out looking to mate and therefore are less likely to be run over by a car, get injured in cat fights or be attacked by a dog.

  • Fighting spreads Feline Aids and leukaemia, but a desexed cat is far less likely to go out fighting.

  • Prevents your cat from yowling all night, keeping you and your neighbours awake.

Leave breeding to registered and experienced breeders.   Very few of them make any money out of cat breeding!

Loraine Smith

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