Kitten Care Notes


You have been given a vaccination certificate for your kitten.  Be sure to keep your petís vaccinations up to date, according to your own vetís instructions.

For round, hook and tapeworm.  Repeat every three months. (I use Drontal or Ambex wormer with easy applicator, available from all pet shops.)  A product called REVOLUTION is available from your vetís which worms and protects from fleas and is very easily applied.

Start by confining kitten to the room where the litter tray and food bowls are, then gradually introduce him to the rest of the house once he is familiar with their location.

Once weekly with a soft bristle brush.  Keep coat free of fleas by dusting with flea powder occasionally or placing on veterinary-recommended flea prevention such as ADVANTAGE, FRONTLINE or REVOLUTION.  (Be very careful not to over-dose while still a kitten.)

If possible, keep your kitten/cat indoors - cats have no traffic-sense whatsoever and sadly many are lost each year on roads.  If kept indoors and away from other cats, he will also never contract fleas.

Should be cleaned twice weekly, if you can get him used to this.  Cleaning kits are available from vets and pet shops.  Should tartar build up, it may be removed gently with the blunt end of a nailfile.  He will not like his teeth cleaned, but persist and he will learn to accept it.  Bad teeth can cause kidney damage and reduced immunity in cats, besides causing them much pain.

With a firm "NO".  If he persists, a light tap on the nose or spray bottle of cold water (not directly into the face) may be a useful deterrent.

Do not give cow's milk or cream (use low-lactose pet milk only, e.g. Whiskas Milk Plus).   Cow's milk can cause diarrhoea in cats.   Provide FRESH WATER always.   3 smaller meals daily while a baby and then cut down to two larger meals a day probably around 6 months old. 

      I suggest one of the following:-

  • Whiskas, Dine or Snappy Tom canned varieties

  • Canned Tuna mixed equally with cooked rice

  • IAMS, PRO PLAN, EUKANUBA or HILLS PRESCRIPTION DIET dried food - always with plenty of fresh water nearby.   Coles do a good make called T.O.P.  or  O.N.E.    Good-quality dry food is dearer but better for cats than Whiskettes and other cheaper biscuits as it is made from animal protein rather than corn or vegetable protein.

  • Grated cheese.

One of the following:-

  • Minced beef or lamb (donít feed pork or Ďroo), raw or cooked with pasta and vegies (but not onions as these are bad for cats).

  • Minced oxcheek, available from pet food stores

  • Cooked, boned chicken

  • Cooked, boned fish

  • NB:  Try not to get your kitten into the habit of eating tidbits from your own meal!

All my kittens are vet-checked and sold free from congenital abnormalities and infectious diseases as far as it is possible to ascertain.  If you have any doubts about your kittenís health, please contact me before taking your kitten to a vet as I have facilities for cheaper medical help and supplies and may save you a lot of money in vet costs.

Allowing your new kitten to be freely handled, particularly while still under 6 months of age, may result in him contracting an illness from someone elseís pet.  Viruses may also be transmitted by your handling of other people's cats outside your home.  Always wash and disinfect your hands if this cannot be avoided

If you have any problems with your kitten, please do not hesitate to call me.

Loraine Smith
Borealis Norwegian Forest Cats


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