Jan 18 Kittens Winnie and Womble are now available for adoption...


Dec 20 Please welcome the Y Litter - Yeshua, Yvonne, Ysabel, Yevaud, and Yadira..

Nov 11 We have a very special offer - we have two older cats looking for homes.

Nov 03 Please welcome the V Litter - Vega, Volund, and Vidar..

Aug 18 Please welcome the R Litter - Rachel, Ripley, Rainbow, and Rufus. Photos coming soon...

May 18  We have new photos available of Myth, Magic and Bella.

May 11  Please welcome the N-Litter. Na'vi and Neytiri are available for adoption.

May 11  Please welcome the M-Litter.   Myth, Magic and Mystic are available for adoption.

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Borealis Norwegian Forest Cats