Borealis Norwegian Forest Cats (NFCs) sell kittens preferably to registered breeders with a passion for the NFC, or to loving pet owners who prefer to keep their cats indoors or with access to a confined outdoor run.   We are not breeding for the dollar sign, but for the welfare of our kittens and cats.   Therefore, we wish to see our 'babies' as happy, well cared-for pets.   For this reason our prices are comparatively reasonable for this rare breed and financial gain comes secondary to finding loving homes for each and every one.

We particularly love to place NFC kittens in pairs as NFCs really enjoy company and, if their humans are likely to be away from home for any length of time, they can become lonely without a feline friend to play with.   There is, therefore, always a financial discount offered if buyers can find room in their hearts and homes for a pair of kittens.   As pets, these will always be desexed before adoption

If your kitten is no longer wanted or becomes sick
If a purchased kitten proves to be unsuitable, please contact me and every attempt will be made to advise how to handle the problem.

Deposits and payments are non-refundable, but always at the discretion of Borealis Cats, with consideration as to re-saleability of the kitten/cat.   Refunds are not available for a simple change of mind, but every case will be considered on its own merits and attempts made to rehouse the kitten/cat.   Shipping the cat back to Borealis Cats for such a purpose is always at the owner’s expense.

If the kitten should become sick within two weeks of being adopted, and a vet’s letter is produced that the sickness originates from my cattery, then a refund (minus shipping expenses) will be offered, or replacement kitten provided as and when an acceptable alternative kitten is available.

Borealis Cattery does not assume responsibility for any other veterinarians’ costs, unless prior authorisation has been given to take the kitten to your vet at our expense.   In most cases, the kitten should be returned to Borealis and our experienced cat-specialist vet will help to restore the kitten to health at our expense, with the kitten returned to you in full health.

Please note that contacting GCCFV, the Council or the RSPCA to complain without having first sought our advice will constitute an unfriendly act, and your rights to a refund may well be forfeited.   Borealis takes pride in dealing with every new owner with utmost care and empathy, and will do our best to remedy a situation before further harm is caused to the kitten.


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