Is a Norwegian
suitable for me?

Is a Norwegian suitable for me?

Before making a commitment to welcoming such a kitten/cat into your family, a few things much be considered:-

  • The need for a fully fenced safe yard, or better still, a purpose-built cat run. (Pedigree cats should not be allowed free range outside, as they would risk injury/disease from other cats, dogs and motor vehicles.)

  • Will we have time to spend playing with and training the kitten?

  • Are we prepared for vets bills, desexing at 6 months, worming, flea preparations, yearly vaccinations, etc.?

  • When we go on holiday, are we prepared to pay for cattery expenses?

  • Are we prepared to treat this cat as one of the family and have him indoors with us all the time?

  • Will we look after our kitten for life, even when he is old?

If you would like to know more about owning one of these beautiful and rare cats, please contact Loraine smith (details at the end of this article) under no obligation to buy.

Once you have purchased your adorable new pet, you might like to become a member of The Norwegian Forest Cat Club of Australia. If you have access to the Internet, there are websites, chat lists and regular information updates regarding looking after your cat or introducing you to other owners/breeders. If you join the Norwegian Forest Cat email lists, you will receive emails from pet owners, breeders and specialists, who will be happy to give you any advice about caring for your NFC.

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